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Public Computer Area Management Procedures

Public Computer Area Management Procedures in the Office of Library and Information Technology, National Taiwan Ocean University

Declared by the Library and Information Technology Office in March 1998
Revised at the meeting of the Computer Steering Committee in June 2006
Revised by the Library and Information Technology Committee on December 19, 2008
Revised by the Library and Information Technology Committee on April 27, 2017

Article 1. Purpose.
 The purpose of setting up a public computer area in the Library and Information Technology Office (now referred to as OLIT) is to provide computer access and a teaching environment to all faculty, staff, and students of the school. This management procedure is formulated for the computer area to be effectively used and properly maintained.

Article 2. Allowed Users.

  1. All faculty, staff, and students of the school can avail of this free service. 
  2. All departments, student associations, and off-campus units of the University are approved to teach computer-related courses and activities.

Article 3. Operational Hours.

  1. The public computer area is available from Monday to Friday from 8:20 AM to 10:50 PM during the regular semester.
  2. The public computer area is available from Monday to Friday from 8:20 AM to 4:50 PM during winter and summer vacations. 
  3. It is closed during national holidays, school holidays, and weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  4. Always refer to the announcements posted on the bulletin board in the computer area for the courses’ scheduled time using the facility for each semester.
  5. Except for the allotted schedule and regular maintenance, the unallocated time posted on the bulletin board is the free time slot. During this free time, all authorized users and those with prior approval can use the computers with their scheduled time.  
  6. When the service is not available due to unavoidable circumstances such as accidents, announcements are made by the office in advance. 

Article 4. Utilization of the Facility. 

  1. Using computers in the public computer area can only be utilized during the allowable operational hours, as indicated in Article 3. 
  2. Computer courses officially arranged or approved by the Division of Registration and Curriculum of the Academic Affairs Office will be the highest priority in the request list for every semester.
  3. For activities requested and organized by the faculty, staff, and students of the school, this computer facility is free of charge. Online applications (request for use) should be two days ahead of the target date to allow the management staff of OLIT to review the application. 
  4. If an event organized by the school is with fees or registration, submit application forms two weeks before the event for approval by OLIT. Requesting individuals should pay the corresponding fee to the Cashier Section by the "National Taiwan Ocean University Venue Loan Fee Standard Table" and attach a photocopy of the receipt as the final proof of approval.
  5. NTOU allows outsiders to use this facility as well but with minimal charge. To formalize the intention to use the facility, non-NTOU users must submit a request to the General Affairs Office three weeks in advance. Use the pre-formatted application form (please refer to the Public Venues and Facilities Management Borrowing Points to access the Venue Loan Application Form ) and make sure to fill in all required information. Follow the "National Taiwan Ocean University Public Venues and Facilities Management Borrowing Points and Fees Schedule" in processing and paying the fees, and attach the photocopy of the receipt as its final step of approval.
  6. The Office prohibits individuals from transferring the use of the facility to others. If an individual violated this prohibition and allowed others to use the facility on their behalf, using facts that are inconsistent with the contents of the application registration or violated government laws or regulations of the school, the Office will immediately revoke the request or application. Serious offenders and violators will be reported to the school for proper handling or action.          
  7. Users should abide by the regulations in using the public computer area.
  8. Other matters not covered shall be handled following the instructions of the management personnel of this Office.

Article 5. Software Installation Method for Courses.

  1. Only legal, genuine, and copyrighted software is permitted for installation on the computers.
  2.  Users can only use the existing installed computer software; no new software installation when the regular semester has started. For the needed software installation, please obtain consent from OLIT by applying or requesting one week ahead of your desired installation date before the start of the semester.
  3. For the courses scheduled in the computer classroom each semester, if there is a need to install new software, contact the management staff of this Office before scheduling the classroom of the Division of Registration and Curriculum of the Academic Affairs Office. New software installation on the computers will not be allowed during the regular semester. Installation of software needed for the class is during the winter and summer vacations only. So before the semester starts, request the software installation in advance.

Article 6. Terms of Use.

  1. Students must use their student ID cards when entering the public computer area of the Library and Information Technology Office when using the facilities.
  2. There will be a cancellation of using the facility for late arrivals (after 20 minutes of the reserved time) 
  3. Users are prohibited from using the computer facility to print and reproduce in any form, such as taking a screenshot or recording any unauthorized works inside the public computer area. When caught, users will be legally responsible for the consequences of their actions. 
  4. Users of the public computer area are strictly reminded of the following: 
    1. Playing computer games, browsing pornographic websites or materials, and infringing intellectual property rights are prohibited.
    2. Items that are dangerous, polluting, or highly noisy are not allowed.
    3. Any equipment parts shall not be disassembled, adjusted, moved, or damaged. If damaged or lost, users will be charged according to the price of the damaged item.
    4. No smoking, eating, making a loud noise, or influencing others to make such actions within the vicinity.
    5. Marked computers and their peripherals exclusive only for class teachers can not be used by other users.
    6. Users who violate the regulations and those with grave misconduct where actions are sufficient to infringe the rights of others to use the computer, their privilege to use the facility will be immediately revoked. Violators will be referred to higher school authorities to discuss the grave of their violations. 
    7. While on the facility, tables, chairs, floors, and their surrounding environment must be kept in order and clean.

Article 7. These policies shall be implemented after the approval of the Library and Information Technology Committee.